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Thread: G.O.C. HD 2.1 by TOYVAN

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    Talking G.O.C. HD 2.1 by TOYVAN

    G.O.C. HD by ToyVan. The only HD theme you'll ever need!

    In a world where "square" themes and different versions of the same "square" icons keep being repeated over and over, the hottest NON "square" theme just got even HOTTER and once again came to rescue our iDevice! Thanks to the retina display, G.O.C. HD looks stunning! With an all new UI design that is easily customizable, clean, simple and did I mention STUNNING!! - With 25+ lockscreen and springboard wallpapers in six color schemes to choose from, two dock options, three weather+date widgets, this theme will NEVER get old, only BETTER! I've said it many times before, but I'll say it again, this truly is THE ONLY HD THEME YOU'LL EVER NEED!


    How to install Themeit repo
    1. Open Cydia(wait for it to load..waiting..almost done..waiting..waiting..downloading packages..reloading!)
    2. Click on the 'Manage' tab.
    3. Click on 'Sources'
    4. Click on 'Edit'(top right)
    5. Click on 'Add' (top left)
    6. Add this url:
    7. Click 'Add Source'
    8. After sources load press 'Done'
    9. Click on ''
    10. Click on 'Theme it' and install.
    11. After installation is complete close Cydia.
    12. Launch ThemeIt(icon now on springboard)
    13. Enjoy a fast, reliable, beautiful, and user friendly app that was made by themers for theme lovers!

    You can also login to the Themeit website to manage your themes Secured URL

    To my very good friend & "Master" beta tester Trist@n for all your honest feedback, continued help in the threads and your loyal support since the beginning! Next to me you're the best!

    Thanks to Serpent330 for providing valuable input and to Jahooba for re-rendering the Torus battery images for this theme. Thanks to floppy_joe & Geekbro for tweaking the Weather+Date codes & widgets. And special thanks to K.nitsua for the animated lockscreen.

    And lastly, but surely not the least, thanks to ALL OF YOU for supporting my work & giving me something to do until 3 a.m. every day! O_O - Cheers!




    • 2.1
      -Fixed issue w/ PRO_W+D widget images not displaying correctly
      -Fixed blank date/day in Calendar icon when a weather widget was selected
      -Added more Cydia icons
    • 2.0
      -4.2.1 bug fixes and MORE!!!(too many to name)
      -Merged all files/folders from G.O.C. UPDATES

    • 1.0
      -Initial public release

    • 2.0
      -Moved all updates to main theme download(Yes, it is empty on purpose )

    IMPORTANT!! Setting your own wallpaper is broken on all devices with 4.2.1 fw when using HTML widgets!! This is the case with ALL themes, not just can thank apple for that - However, if you're familiar with open SSH then u can manually install your own wallpapers on springboard and lockscreen. Follow the guide found Secured URL

    READ: If you would like to use your own wallpaper then follow these steps:
    1. SSH into your device and navigate to private/var/stash/Themes.xxxxx/G.O.C. HD.theme/
    2. Delete Wallpaper.png and Wallpaper@2x.png.

    NOTE: As long as you don't have any of the weather+date widgets or glass dock enabled in winterboard, you can set any wallpaper from your camera roll or photos etc.

    Included with my theme are different colored wallpapers that work for each widget on springboard as well as lockscreen. I will be using the main theme folder (G.O.C. HD.theme) in this example.

    1. SSH to private/var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx/G.O.C. HD.theme
    2. Notice BlackWallpaper, BlackWallpaper@2x, GreenWallpaper, GreenWallpaper@2x etc. - these are all the different color options available. (Wallpaper.png & Wallpaper@2x.png is the default blue theme wallpaper)
    3. Rename Wallpaper & Wallpaper@2x to BlueWallpaper.png and BlueWallpaper@2x.png.
    4. Choose the color you would like and then simply delete the color name from the beginning of the file name(for example BlackWallpaper.png now becomes just Wallpaper.png and BlackWallpaper@2x.png becomes Wallpaper@2x.png)
    5. Respring device and all your new wallpaper should now be set.

    NOTE: The same steps above apply to changing wallpapers within each weather widget as well as lockscreen. Do some exploring and it will all make sense to you

    Open WinterBoard and turn "SummerBoard Mode" OFF! This theme has been optimized for iPhone 4 and will not work properly if that option is ON. In order to enjoy all the different theme options please prioritize them in the EXACT same order as the list below. Remember, WinterBoard is priority specific so whatever is selected on top, will take priority.

    NOTE: This is how I have my options set up in winterboard(from bottom to top). You can experiment with what options work best for you. Try selecting and unselecting each of them before you say something doesn't work!

    G.O.C. HD_UPDATES(ALWAYS have this selected - not applicable to those who installed via Themeit)
    G.O.C. HD_TapAniLS
    G.O.C. HD_SlideAniLS
    G.O.C. HD_NoUndockedLabels
    G.O.C. HD_NoDockedLabels
    G.O.C. HD_NoCal&WthrIcon
    G.O.C. HD_TapToUnlock
    G.O.C. HD_Slider3
    G.O.C. HD_Slider2
    G.O.C. HD(no dock)PRO_W+D
    G.O.C. HD_PRO_W+D
    G.O.C. HD(no dock)W+DMOD
    G.O.C. HD_w+DMOD
    G.O.C. HD(no dock)W+D
    G.O.C. HD_W+D
    G.O.C. HD_LockscreenWall
    G.O.C. HD_UISounds
    G.O.C. HD_GlassDock
    G.O.C. HD(main theme package & should ALWAYS be selected)


    NOTE: There is an app in Cydia called 'Gridlock' for $.99 that will eliminate the need for iBlank and BlankNull. If you have this app there is no need to follow the instructions below.

    You will need to install the following FREE apps via Cydia in order to create a spacer on the top row of each springboard page so the weather & date widgets are visible.

    *iBlank- creates blank icons
    *BlankNull- makes it so nothing happens when you press a blank icon..without it safari will open every time you accidentally press on a blank icon(this will not create an icon on your springboard)

    1. Open 'iBlank' and create 4 blank icons for every springboard page u have..for example, if you have 10 pages of apps u will need to create 40 blank icons.
    2. Click and hold down on any icon until all icons go into 'wiggle' mode..the blank icons you created can usually be found on the last springboard page(they are invisible and the only thing u will see is an 'x')...put 4 blank icons on the top row of each page, creating an empty space for the date widget. When done, press the 'Home' button.
    3. Open 'WinterBoard' and select "G.O.C. HD_Weather+Date" and make sure it is selected and make sure it is above "G.O.C. HD".

    NOTE: If you have WeatherIcon installed DISABLE IT/TURN IT OFF when using the Weather+Date options!

    Folder & Multi-task background
    NOTE: I highly recommend 'FolderEnhancer'(found in cydia). It is a PAID app but it's a MUCH better folder alternative and themes automatically.

    1. Install 'iWipeCache' via Cydia.
    2. SSH into your device and navigate to private/var/stash/Applications.xxxxxx/iwipecache.pp
    3. Open the 'run' file and replace all the code with the following:

    rm -f /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/*
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/SpringBoardIconCache
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/SpringBoardIconCache-small
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    /usr/bin/killall SpringBoard

    4. Save & respring.
    5. Run iWipe cache again!

    1. Go: Secured URL
    2. Enter your City or zip code(press enter), then click on the "Extended Forecast" option underneath the "6-10 DAY"
    3. In the top address bar of your browser you'll see an address, for example: "http://weather....USNY0996...."
    4. This the Weather code that you need, for example: USNY0996
    5. Now SSH into your device using iFile and navigate to:
    private/var/stash/Themes or Themes.xxxxx/G.O.C. HD_Weather+Date.theme/Widget.html
    IMPORTANT: If you're using the Weather+DateMOD or PRO_Weather widget then u need to edit the 'Widget.html' found inside the appropriate theme folder
    6. Select 'Text viewer' and scroll down to where you see "var locale = "USNY0996" //e.g..", press 'Edit'(top right) and then edit the code to your hometown code that you found on yahoo weather(5 digit zip code also works for U.S. Cities).
    7. If you want to change to celsius look in the same Widget.html string for this: "Farenheit var isCelsius = false" and change it to "true"
    8. Press 'Done'.
    9. Respring device.

    1. Open winterboard and make sure 'G.O.C. HD_UserWallpaper' is on the very top and selected.
    2. Select the wallpaper of your choice via Settings>Wallpaper or your camera roll.
    3. Respring device.(wow, that was easy!)

    NOTE: Feel free to use the custom wallpapers when using 'G.O.C. HD_PRO_Weather/Date' options by downloading the 'G.O.C.' attached below. You can use any wallpaper from your camera roll when using the weather+date widgets by selecting the 'G.O.C. HD_UserWallpaper' option in winterboard(Make sure it is on the very top). You must RESPRING YOUR DEVICE each time before your wallpaper will appear. If you're NOT using the Weather+Date option DO NOT HAVE 'G.O.C. HD_UserWallpaper' SELECTED IN WINTERBOARD!!

    I have attached a zip file below with different flavors of wallpapers for the lockscreen to match with the springboard wallpapers. Email all the individual LockBackground@2x wallpapers to yourself and save them to your camera roll, OR create a folder, i.e. 'G.O.C. HD Wallpapers' and sync it with your photo album via iTunes. Then you can easily choose one, or any image of your choice, by going into 'Photos' and setting one as your lock screen.

    Rock & Cydia icons DO NOT automatically get themed. I have only added a handful of icons with my initial release and in order for others to be added they have to be requested and then I can add them to future updates.

    For Rock & Cydia icon requests I will need the 'BundleIdentifier' info found here>> Secured URL for each app.

    IMPORTANT: If the app you are looking for is not found on the database you will need to SSH into your device and navigate to:
    root/Applications - then follow the steps below:

    1. Find the application folder in question - For example, ''
    2. Open the Info.plist file and look for 'CFBundleIdentifier' - Under that u will see the bundle info needed. For example, 'net.epelaez.iClassic'
    3. Search in the same application folder for the app icon name - For example, 'Icon.png'. There may be multiple "icon" images, for example 'icon-72.png', 'icon@2x.png' etc. I will need all of them. Make sure they are spelled and capitalized exactly!

    Don't forget to add the CFBundleIdentifier info to the online database!

    **Please attach HI-RES images of the icons in your post(screenshots of low-res icons will not work!) - If u can't find a hi-res icon of the original app/icon, then just find ANY hi-res image that best represents it. For example, if the app is 'iClassic', then find a hi-res image of an iPod etc. The possibilities are endless! Don't make it any harder than it isn't

    Make sure to include the CFBundleIdentifier info in your post. Alternatively you can download the attached 'icon@2x.psd' below and make them yourself - Please share them back here with the community for all to enjoy!

    If you want the same lockscreen clock font as seen in my screenshots install 'FontSwap' and 'Porsche FontSwap' found on Rock or Cydia. Open FontSwap and select the 'PORSCHE' font as your LockClock font.

    Attached on the bottom of my first post you will find a zip with some wallpaper overlays( that you can easily drop your own custom backgrounds behind. You will need photoshop or some other image editing software so you can put your background layer beneath the WallpaperHD layer. Looks best when using the PROweather widget

    This awesome Lockscreen MOD was created by K.nitsua. Please read the following instructions to get the most out of it.

    NOTE: The initial load time takes 2-3 seconds, but after that there is no wait.

    1. Install 'Lockscreen Clock Hide' via cydia.
    2. Go to Settings/Clock Hide - Make sure 'Enabled' is ON & turn OFF 'StatusBar Time' & 'Show Small Date'.
    3. Respring.


    You can choose use any wallpaper in your camera roll, photo album etc.
    1. Choose image and 'Set Lock Screen'
    2. Respring(again, it initially will take 2-3 seconds to load each time you change your image)

    NOTE: I have also added a '' (attached on the bottom of my first post) w/ different colors of backgronds to choose from. Please read the 'README' for setup instructions included in the zip folder

    >>>>>>>HOW TO CHANGE TO 24 HOUR FORMAT(G.O.C. HD_Weather+Date)<<<<<<<

    I have placed simple change instructions in the code lines of the file.

    1. SSH to: /private/var/stash/Themes/G.O.C. HD_Weather+Date.theme
    2. Select Widget.html
    3. Find the following line of code and change the 12's to 24
    Yours should look exactly like the lines of code here:

    function updateClock ( )
    var currentTime = new Date ( );

    var currentHours = currentTime.getHours ( );
    var currentMinutes = currentTime.getMinutes ( );
    var currentSeconds = currentTime.getSeconds ( );

    // Pad the minutes and seconds with leading zeros, if required
    currentMinutes = ( currentMinutes < 10 ? "0" : "" ) + currentMinutes;
    currentSeconds = ( currentSeconds < 10 ? "0" : "" ) + currentSeconds;

    // Choose either "AM" or "PM" as appropriate
    var timeOfDay = ( currentHours < 24 ) ? "AM" : "PM";

    // Convert the hours component to 24-hour format if needed
    currentHours = ( currentHours > 24 ) ? currentHours - 24 : currentHours;

    4. To get rid of the AM/PM insert two // in front of:

    var timeOfDay = ( currentHours < 12 ) ? "AM" : "PM";

    So that it looks like this:

    function init2 ( )
    timeDisplay = document.createTextNode ( "" );
    document.getElementById("ampm").appendChild ( timeDisplay );

    function amPm ( )
    var currentTime = new Date ( );

    var currentHours = currentTime.getHours ( );

    // Choose either "AM" or "PM" as appropriate
    //var timeOfDay = ( currentHours < 12 ) ? "AM" : "PM";

    5. Respring: You should now be in 24 hour mode.

    >>>>>>>HOW TO CHANGE TO 24 HOUR FORMAT(G.O.C. HD_PRO_Date)<<<<<<<

    1. SSH into your device and navigate to:
    private/var/stash/Themes/G.O.C. HD_PRO_Date.theme/Config
    2. Open the Config.js file
    3. Change 'false' to 'true' in the following string:

    var twentyFourHourTime = false;
    //Toggles twelve and twenty-four hour time.

    4. Respring device and enjoy a cold glass of milk.


    1. SSH to: /private/var/stash/Themes/G.O.C. HD_Weather+Date.theme
    and click on Widget.html

    2. Scroll down to: ---MAKE ALL CHANGES TO TEXT FONT & COLOR HERE---

    3. Find HTML color codes here:
    Secured URL

    4. Replace current color by copy and paste new code over
    current one.

    5. To adjust font size look for: font-size: 25px;
    just replace ## with new font px size.

    6. Respring device and preference should be in effect.


    1. SSH to: /private/var/stash/Themes/G.O.C. HD_Weather+Date.theme
    /Private/Stylesheets and click on myopia.css

    2. Scroll down to: #city{

    3. Get colors codes from site already listed and insert new code

    4. To adjust font size look for: font-size: 22px;
    just replace ## with new font px size.

    5. Scroll down to: #temp{ to make any changes to font or color
    using same instructions already stated.

    >>>>>>>HOW TO CUSTOMIZE FONT WITHOUT FontSwap<<<<<<<

    NOTE: install 'BytaFont' via Cydia(4.2.1 compatible)

    1. Go to: Secured URL
    Fonts and find an iPhone4 COMPATIBLE Font.
    There are 7 pages that are compatible,
    they have a little blue/white iOS 4 in the
    upper right corner.

    2. Download the .zip file and unzip

    3. SSH to /System/Library/Fonts/Cache and
    RENAME the Native Fonts in the folder that
    you are going to replace.
    I always just put a "1" in front of the file
    name so it moves to the top of the folder.

    4. Drop in the files from the newly unzipped folder,
    they are already named properly.

    5. Repring and all fonts will be changed.

    6. DO NOT close your WinSCP or SSH manager until
    AFTER you get a successful respring.

    Make SURE you are replacing the correct file,
    there are files with .ttc and .ttf with same names so be careful.

    If you get a non-compatible font and your iPhone keeps
    rebooting. You will see the Apple logo then the spinning loader icon will show. When the loader icon is up, delete the Helvetica file you just dropped in and remove the "1" from the original file, renaming it back to its original status. Do this for all files that you changed/dropped in. It will only work if the loader icon is showing so if the apple goes white again, stop and wait, letting WinSCP keep attempting to reconnect until it does so.

    >>>>>>>HOW TO MAKE INDIVIDUAL ICON LABELS TRANSPARENT(Calendar & Weather)<<<<<<<

    1. Install 'Icon Renamer' via Cydia.
    2. Click on any icon until they go into "wiggle" mode.
    3. Click on the icon u want to rename and a pop-up window will appear.
    4. Hit the 'X' so the name is blank and then press 'Apply'.

    >>>>>>>HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN ICONS FOR GLASS DOCK(photoshop tutorial)<<<<<<<

    Since I won't be fulfilling icon requests for the 5 icon Glass dock, I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to create your own. In this tutorial we will be replacing the 'Messages' icon with one for 'biteSMS'.

    1. Download the '' below and extract the files.
    2. Inside the extracted 'Bundles' folder you will find individual folders for the current dock icons(Safari, Mail, Phone, Messages/SMS & iPod).
    3. Open the '' folder and then open the icon@2x.png in photoshop, gimp or whatever image editing software you use.(this is your template for size and position)
    4. Open the image/icon you want to use for the biteSMS icon in photshop.
    5. Click on the biteSMS image and drag it over to the icon@2x.png layer.(You should now have two images/layers)
    6. Select the biteSMS layer. Re-size and position it so it's relatively the same size and in the same position as the icon@2x.png layer.
    7. Disable the icon@2x.png layer so only the biteSMS layer is visible.
    8. Save as icon.png
    9. SSH into your device and navigate to private/var/stash/Themes/G.O.C. HD.theme/Bundles/com.bitesms - copy the icon.png into the 'com.bitesms' folder.
    10. Respring device and the biteSMS icon should now be ready for the dock.(You may need to reboot device if icon doesn't change)

    NOTE: All icons/apps have their own individual folder within the 'Bundles' directory. To find out the correct name of the folder and icon, visit the Secured URL, icon-72.png etc. This is what your icon needs to be named.

    Now, we need to get the 'Messages' icon "orbed" again for the springboard.

    1. SSH into your device and navigate to private/var/stash/Themes/G.O.C. HD_GlassDock.theme/Bundles/ - delete the icon@2x.png or rename it to '1icon@2x.png'
    2. Respring device!
    3. Give yourself a pat on the back XD


    THEME folders:
    Secured URL

    Secured URL
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