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In the not so distant future, the human race is imperiled by an omnipotent being bent on the destruction of our civilization. As Special Forces veteran "Serious" Sam Stone, you'll travel back in time to early Egypt to stop the dastardly Tah-Um, the very spirit of evil, before it can succeed in wiping out humanity's future.

Croteam's stunning first-person shooter Serious Sam features gorgeous graphics and a variety of outdoor and indoor environments based on the awe-inspiring structures of ancient Egyptian civilization. The super fast arcade action roars on and on with huge levels and an amazing variety of enemies that will keep on coming at you in absolute hordes.

Once you've beaten back the evil marauders in single-player mode, put Sam Stone's powerful arsenal to good use blasting away friends and strangers alike in outstanding network and split-screen multiplayer modes. Serious Sam offers an all-out adrenaline pumping action experience you just won't be able to stop playing.

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