AttachmentSaver 1.4.0

Ever been frustrated by the iPhone Mail app’s inability
to view attachments of certain types?
Ever been found yourself needing to save an attachment to disk
somewhere so you could use it outside
AttachmentSaver to the rescue.

AttachmenSaver is a nifty little extension to the iPhone’s Mail app
that allows you to save attachments
so you can access and view them using your favorite file manager
(iFile recommended).
It unlocks the ability to download *all* attachments of any type,
whether supported by Mail or not,
and save them into a folder on disk.
For those emails with multiple attachments,
it even conveniently provides the option to save all attachments
in that particular email,
accessible via the action menu in the toolbar
(the one that usually contains the Reply/Forward buttons).

Attachment Saver requires iPhone OS 4.0 or higher.