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Thread: NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 7.7.1

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    New NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 7.7.1

    NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 7.7.1 B338 Shark 84x0 Premium Edition-PNA WINDOWS CE 6


    [CODE] This version is for the 84x0. Not tested on other systems!

    The following functions are possible and have been tested with the 8410th
    Tests on other devices have to perform itself. No support for other devices on my part!

    All functions of the 84x0 incl Truck feature!
    Additionally, all functions of the new software:

    Proximity sensor
    Professional Voice Command 2.0
    Bluetooth 1.0 Handsfree
    Real 3D City (only on the Shark)
    City View3D 2.0
    Active Lane Guidance
    Premium TMC (Live feature available!)
    Refueling Live (Only Live module)
    Live Events (Only with Live module)
    TMC Route Information
    Spoken TMC
    Text to Speech
    NAVIGON MyRoutes
    Radar Info
    Speed Assistant
    Clever Parking
    Lane Assistant Pro
    1-Click Menu
    Reality View Pro
    Panorama View 3D
    Landmark View 3D
    Day and night modes
    NAVIGON Sightseeing
    NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours (unfortunately only angespeckte Version)
    NAVIGON Last
    Pedestrian navigation
    Favourites on the Map
    POI Click
    Real Road
    Smart address entry (keyboard switched to QWERTY)

    RED means is not on the Shark!


    There must be a new ROM to be installed! Only with the new ROM comes from TMC MN 7.7.1. This program is included in the pack.
    Please read the installation instructions!
    Live function is present and active.

    MN 7.5.x is still running with the new ROM.

    TMC is in the old MN 7.5.x versions only possible by changing the following files remain:

    Of MN in the MN 7.5.x 7.7.1 following copy:

    Amarillo (entire folder)

    Note! Be sure to Q3-2010 84x0 eg. Truck Using Maps. Incl. all nfs from this pack.

    In this version are specially adapted to this nfs is used. These have to be used elsewhere is not the voice command!

    Please install the texts in the pack instructions! This saves questions!

    In the software pack an adjustment for a stand-alone installation run of SD is included! Also in connection with my Media Center from V 1.0.5! Please read the lyrics well! Please also note the text in the program note for configuration!

    Once again the hint. This software only runs on the latest generation with WinCE 6! [/CODE]DOWNLOAD-DLC FILES(JDOWNLOADER)


    All Nfs FILES Q3-2010.


    PW:: *_OnlyFromUfoo_*

    Ioji you may test . Navigon is the reason
    Tought need to buy wince 6 unit soon then tomtom does not work

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