Play Ngage games for ALL s60v5

The requirements are the usual ones :

1. Disable patcher open4all in rompatcher.

2. Phone must be hacked

3. Using the original game or "generic" (compatible with the N97, no modded ngage application posted here).

4. Using virtual key or similar application

Tested : tested:5800,5530 cfw C6 PNHT

not tested still:c6, x6, i8910,satio ,5230, Try it and post results.

Basic instructions:

1 - Turn on n-gageN97 for ALL s60v5.rmp with rompatcher plus (preferably version 2.3 which is the most recent).

2 - Install the original n-gage.sisx for n97.

3 - After installation restart the phone.

4 - Before starting the ngage application for the first time, you need to turn on n-gageN97 for ALL s60v5.rmp with rompatcher plus.

5 -Now get out of the n-gage, Copy the ngage games of your choice for folder n-gage that formed in the memory card

6 - open n-gage again and it will start installing the game and its done.

Ngage and patch
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virtual key_and_patch controller
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