Cardistry Volume 1 (Andrei Jikh)
Information :

Learn four essential cardistry fundamentals taught by one of the rising stars in the field - Andrei Jikh. In each volume of this series, learn the critical moves you need to construct elemental flourishing routines of your own. Each move is taught with verbal and detailed slow-motion shots. If you are just starting in Cardistry... welcome.

Quality: As stated before, the quality is awesome, you can see and hear everything very clearly.

Teacher: Andrei Jikh, while bieng a new face in the magic/cardistry community, is gaining popularity quickly and is very good at what he does. So far, his body of work consists of two 1on1s. From what I can tell though, both are really good and he is coming out with more. He is a great teacher and everything is explained with total awesomness. A few parts are a tad fast, but that shouldn't be a problem for even the biggest biggener.


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Bicycle Thief by Aaron Fisher (6MB)

The Effect
There�s something crooked going on here!

Bicycle Thief is Aaron Fisher�s sublime take on cards to pocket. Cards vanish and reappear so fast they�ll think you�re a world-class card cheat. One at a time, cards leave your fingertips in a blink - and then reappear in your pocket! One even makes a side trip to your card case!

Evidently, you�re some type of thief - a bicycle thief!

All that and only one completely covered measly move! Aaron Fisher brilliantly constructed this powerful effect with handling so easy even an amateur can look like a pro.

What You Get

* A classic plot
* An unforgettable ending
* A studio-produced DVD with performance and over-the-shoulder explanations
* 2 custom-printed Bicycle Poker gaffs.

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Blind by Daniel Madison (5.4 MB)
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Guerilla Change by Dan Hauss (7MB)
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