By the Tarot reading a person may be able to find answers about his/her hopes and wishes.

There are many ways of tarot readings. This program uses 'The Celtic Cross spread'. The Celtic Cross is probably the oldest and most popular pattern for reading the tarot.

It uses 78 cards. 22 Major and 56 Lesser Arcana cards of the Rider -Waite Tarot deck.

1) First you choose which 'card explanation' way you prefer. 'Simple' or 'Advanced'.

2) Then if you don't have one profile created, you should make one. If you already have one,
just choose it and click on 'Start' button.

3) Now think about a question that you expect an 'Answer' from the Tarot Cards.

4) Then 10 cards will be shown to you. One by one. First you see 'what the next card will be
about' and then the card itself.

5) Last, you will see the conclusion report of your card reading. Whether it was good or bad!

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