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Thread: PIN/IMEI Generator

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    New PIN/IMEI Generator

    GIP: Generator IMEI/PIN

    To whom is interested:

    -->Having purchased a second hand blackberry and PIN is on an existing account and has not been released and therefore can only be removed by original owner
    -->Having PIN suspended and/or reported as stolen
    -->Having one of the following devices: 7xxx and 8xxx (except 8220, 8520, 8900) and 9000 (except some) others it may work, just try and let me know

    GIP can generate a fresh IMEI and PIN for your BB and then you can register for a BIS/BES, but you have to check with your operator for data plan subscription

    More info and tips:

    How to run GIP and get your codes?

    1- Copy all .sys files to c:\windows
    2- Run GIP
    3- You can chose between Old method or new generating method
    4- follow the steps to generate your PIN and IMEI
    5- Enjoy

    How to change your BB's PIN and IMEI?

    First you need:
    - Radiolab Tool
    - MML Setup and MFI Multiloader All files
    - A copy of OS you want on your device (search in OS section)
    - NET Framework 2.0

    1. Connect your BB and make a back-up of anything on it you would like to keep as we will be erasing its contents including the OS.

    2. Download and install NET Framework 2.0 if you don't have it on your computer

    3. Download MML_Setup.exe and install it

    4. Download MFI Multiloader All files, unzip it to "C:\MML" and overwrite all files

    5. Connect your BB to your computer with usb cable. Do not start the desktop manager.

    6. Open the MFI Multiloader, it will recognize your phone and will wipe all contents from the phone.

    7. Look at the screen on your BB while the program is compiling, when the screen shows a large 1 in the upper left corner, close the multiloader.

    8. Open the Radiolab Tool. It contains a program which looks similar to CDMA Workshop. Under the available views tab there is a tab marked ID. Highlight the ID tab.

    9. Make sure your BB is still connected to your computer. Click the connect button located in the top left corner of the Radiolab Tool. On the lower screen it shoould say connected.

    10. On the right screen you will see IMEI, BSN, BBPIN, and other lines. Click read on the IMEI line, it will read the IMEI from your phone. Replace the old IMEI with the new IMEI you want on your phone. Click write and it should be written to your phone.

    11. On the BBPIN line click read. Replace the old BBPIN with your new Pin and click write.

    12. After writing the pin click the disconnect button located next to the connect button on the radiolab tool.

    13. Now all you have to do is load your OS back onto your BB.(don't ask me how to, you can load it with the loader or with the nojava comand, a lot of sotware are availaible).


    GIP v4.1

    Radiolab Tool

    MML Setup

    MFI Multiloader 2.013 all files

    NET Framework 2.0

    And... finaly good luck and welcome to the BES/BIS world
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