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Thread: Mobile Maps 10 activation problem

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    Question Mobile Maps 10 activation problem [solved]

    Hey Guys,
    this time myself got a problem and I hope u can help me. So it's about Sygic Mobile Maps 10. I downloadet the software from the gloryous Pirate Bay... yes I know that there's a tutorial below the download but may I'm doin something wrong. I've tryed to activate the europe map via the keygen and the licence.txt document-fake but nothing worked for me yet. If someone knows about how to activate this version (I was able to activate the MM 9 Europe card when I had MM9 installed), because I really don't know what doing wrong.

    Thanks for all your tips and trics or tutorials.

    EDIT 26.12.2010:

    The Keygen for Sygic MM 10 map-material is now available:
    Attachment 615841

    Here is the perl-script for europe-maps:
    Attachment 615842 (copy to root of N900 with filemanager)
    enter in X-Term:
    sudo gainroot [enter]
    cd /home/user/MyDocs [enter]
    perl [enter]
    close X-Terminal [enjoy^^]


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