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Thread: AutoMapa 6.6 EU FINAL + patcher

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    New AutoMapa all new versions from v6.6

    AutoMapa 6.6 EU Final including full EU maps from 08/2010 (Navteq maps) + Patcher

    Requirements: PNA, PDA, Smartphone, PC
    Operating System: winCE 4.2 - 6.0 ; WM ; PC

    AutoMapa is the first satellite navigation system to feature 3D building visualisation in Polish and European towns and cities, making it the world's leading car navigation utility. Owing to its coverage of a comprehensive road network in Poland and the unique building address option, AutoMapa delivers unprecedented navigation precision on Polish and European roads.

    Highly accurate city navigation maps, hundreds of thousands of precisely described Points of Interest (POI), a unique community of registered users of the service and Krzysztof Hołowczyc's voice - those are the distinctive features of AutoMapa.

    AutoMapa is a leader on the market of innovative solutions. It is the first Polish system that supports the collection of traffic data, and users will soon be able to avoid traffic jams with the program's help. AutoMapa has been guiding drivers since 2003, and it continues to be the most popular and the most frequently awarded GPs navigation program.

    Quick installation guide

    AutoMapa quick installation guide.

    Run setup.exe

    Change language from Polish to English or any you need.

    Click next button.

    Click next if you want new installation or change to uninstall if you want to remove.

    Mark license agreement and click next.

    Select device you want to install AutoMapa and press next.

    Select components you want to install.

    Click next.

    Select map you want to install (Europe 1006 6.91 - maps from 08/2010)

    click next.

    Unmark Register and click next.

    Select what map region you want to install:
    - entire map
    - saved map mask installation
    - new map area selection and installation

    Click next.

    Installation will start.

    After finish click Finish, installation completed.

    Run Patcher

    Click Patch It!

    It will ask do you want backup old files.

    Click "Tak" and wait until finish.

    Click on "Zamknij okno logowania" and close program.



    Patcher included in pack, no password needed
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