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Thread: Garmin Mobile XT for CE5/6 and HiRes

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    Default Garmin Mobile XT for CE5/6 and HiRes

    Here is the first and so far only version of Garmin that works fine on most Chinese devices with 800x480 pixels screen resolution.

    Yes correct, it works for CE5 and CE 6 in High Res with no error messages or shut downs when clicking on "Where am I?"

    Some screenshots :

    Copy all files and folder from the archive to the folder "Garmin" on your SD card.
    It is configured for the use of "SDMMC" if you need something else like "Storage Card" you have to edit the XML and Mortscript file to reflect the name of your SD card.
    Device ID is fixed to 1111111111 and a sw.unl is included.
    Use the latest Jetmouse Keygen for your maps.
    To start : use the Garmin.EXE in the folder "Garmin/RunGMXT".

    It runs fine on several no name devices I tried, however I can only speak for the devices that I tested and the result may be different on your device.
    This release is mainly based on the artful release with a lot of new DLL and config files - and a modified EXE that has the High Resolution features activated and will run stable on CE systems.
    As with many Garmin releases it is a bit slower compared to an original but at least it works fine.
    Since this is an asian version from the base components you will have all in funny loocking symbols, to change the menu language :

    1. click the green button
    2. click the blue button
    3. click on the tool sign in the middle
    4. click on the toolsign in the top left corner
    5. click on the PDA symbol on the lower left
    6. click into the 3rd row
    7. select American English
    8. click the exit button on the lower left

    It hope it is all covered now....

    Secured URL
    Secured URL
    Secured URL
    Secured URL
    Password : downunder

    PW: downunder

    Use this if Garmin won't save the settings when using a SD card named "StorageCard" - PM me if you need a different name.
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