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Thread: All You Need for Garmin (app,support files,utilities)

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    Star All You Need for Garmin (app,support files,utilities)

    Did you ever searched a map or a file for your Garmin XT and didn't find it? I think yes. That's why i made this thread where you can find all of them. I will update this thread every time it needed. Also posted some useful things, all you need for garmin. I think i covered all. I am not responsible for the map links that won't work anymore. The thread starter is. I just lead you in that direction. If you have any complains, do it in that thread. Enjoy!

    To make it all work..

    1. Download Garmin Mobile XT. Run EXE, it will copy all files to your SD card.. (I used a card reader instead of plugging in my phone, but you can, just be sure to select USB transfer mode)

    2. Download Garmin Basemap. Run EXE, it will copy all your files to SD card..

    3.Download Garmin Support Files. Run EXE, it will copy all your files to SD card..

    4. On second post you can find all the mapID codes

    5. Grab the keygen.

    6. Run Garmin Mobile XT on your phone, go to the ABOUT screen, write down the CARD ID

    7. Enter the CARD ID in the keygen, choose the MAP PRODUCT (or custom mapset ), click on the 1st generate, then on the 2nd generate.

    8. Create the files sw.unl and gmapsupp.unl:

    Copy (CTRL+C) the Device unlock key to clipboard.
    Now open the Notepad and paste (CTRL+V) the key and save
    the file as SW.UNL
    Copy (CTRL+C) the Map unlock key to clipboard.
    Open the Notepad again and paste (CTRL+V) the key and save
    the file as GMAPSUPP.UNL
    Put your newly created files to your SD Card\Garmin directory
    and restart GMXT.
    Program should now recognize your built-in GPS and you
    should be able to use detailed maps.
    ATTENTION ! Make sure your unl files doesn't have TXT
    extension (hidden)

    9. Run Garmin Mobile XT, it will try to connect to your GPS device - and yes, ANY GPS BT device and any phone!! That's because the unlock codes are now in the GARMIN directory.

    10. In SETTINGS/SYSTEM/REMOTE GPS -> your BT GPS or ATTACHED GPS will be shown.

    11. IF you don't create the 2 files as mentioned, you can ONLY pair with a GARMIN GPS DEVICE!!

    12. It is better to download maps (if you can find them) as windows executables (mapsource version), run the installer and it will install the map into mapsource then use the Unlock Wizard and keygen provided to unlock the map and then you just simply select he area you want (make sure the Map Tap is selected on the left Column and selecting the new installed map from the drop down menu) and then click on transfer to device and you are done.

    13. If you doesn't have mapsource or just simply you don't want to use it, you still can put 4 maps at the same time in your garmin directory - Garmin XT will recognize 4 names:
    gmapbmap (usually basemap)

    Garmin Mobile XT for Windows CE6 v5.00.20


    Garmin WW Autoroute DEM Basemap NR 4.00



    GarminMobileXT v5.00.50 All in One File Standalone

    Garmin Travel Guide ID 900

    Garmin Marco Polo Travel Guide Part One

    Garmin Marco Polo Travel Guide Part Two

    Garmin POI Loader

    Garmin MapSelect - use more maps at once

    Install MapSource If It Didn't Come With Your GPS


    This short tutorial will detail how to download and install Garmin MapSource on your PC if it wasn't included with your GPS unit (such as the Garmin Nuvi) or when it doesn't come with your Garmin purchased map. . MapSource (or the mac equivalent) is required to install any maps released in mapsource format.

    The How-To

    1. Download and install Garmin Training Center

    2. Download and install Garmin MapSource

    The simplest way to install MapSource is to download the software from Garmin website, unrar it and than execute Main.msi instead of Setup.exe. That's all!

    New Keygen

    You cannot see your Device ID? Use IMEI converter bellow:

    IMEI Converter

    You don't know just downloaded map ID? Use Garmin Map ID Finder bellow:

    Garmin Map ID Finder

    You uninstaled something from Mapsource and it doesn't work anymore? Use Mapsource Fix bellow, it will repair your Mapsource instantly:


    Description and how to in the archive:


    You have some custom maps and borders doesn't fit? Cannot route through there? Use map provided bellow:

    All Vehicles

    Vehicle Utility

    Point Garmin Vehicle File to a Garmin SRF file, point Bitmap Images to a working directory on your hard disk. Click Split to extract a series of bitmap files from the SRF file, or click Join to pack them back together again. The saved bitmap files are numbered _000 to _350 - this number represents the rotation of the displayed vehicle in degrees. A copy of the original SRF file is made, called _xxx - this is required for the joining process, and should be left alone. Please make a backup copy of your original files before changing anything! Magenta pixels in the bitmaps represent the transparency mask, and these pixels will be "see through" on the finished display. In the end, when joining the bitmap images back together, images _100 to _260 are skipped - although this doesn't really affect performance as these images are with the vehicle driving towards the viewer, which seldom happens in practice. Contributers/testers have a version which removes this limitation. The contributer version also skips missing bitmap images, repeating the last image if necessary - allowing you to easily make a SRF file using as many or as few images as you wish

    All Voices

    Voice Utility

    Voice Utility will take any Garmin VPM file and split it into its component audio samples. Once you have changed the samples as you see fit, Voice Utility will then join them back up into a new VPM file for you. The free version of Voice Utility allows you to change as many (or as few) of the samples as you wish - however, after you have changed fifty samples, the quality of subsequently changed samples will be reduced slightly (although this will not stop your voice file from working). You can remove this limitation by making a small Paypal donation - there is no minimum amount. There's no need to have the samples in any particular format - Voice Utility will convert 16-bit (linear PCM) or 8-bit (u-law or a-law) samples, mono or stereo, of any sample rate, into the correct format automatically.
    Take a backup of your VPM file before doing anything else!
    To split a VPM file into its component samples, run Voice Utility and point it to the file that you want to split. Choose a name for the extracted samples in the space below, then click on the Split button - the numbered samples will be extracted and saved to the specified directory. To join component samples into a VPM file, point Voice Utility to the first sample (only the first sample in each series is displayed in the file dialog). Choose a name for the new VPM file in the space above, then click on the Join button - it's that simple. Once you've modified a VPM file, you'll need to set your unit to a different language and then back again to force it to update itself. Note that the first sample (numbered as _000) is special and should not be altered!

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