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    Default [Kitmaker] Love & Hate (SE ML)

    Love & Hate

    Supplied by Stec40/Danyfl

    KITMAKER presents LOVE & HATE, the only application that will allow you to know how compatible you are with the others with an interesting questionnaire.
    In this KITMAKER application the user will have to answer honestly to a series of questions of a questionnaire that will allow him/her to know how much does he/she get on with another person, who will also have to answer the same questions. After the analysis of the answers, the application issues a verdict in which the percentage of compatibility is showed.
    With LOVE & HATE the user will discover a new kind of application for A based on a social interaction with other people. This way the application may come to the general public through word of mouth of the users because it is the perfect application to be used in a group.
    LOVE & HATE, friends or enemies?

    K300i: Secured URL
    K500i: Secured URL
    K750i: Secured URL
    W810i: Secured URL
    K800i: Secured URL
    W910i: Secured URL
    M600: Secured URL
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