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Thread: Sexy Dice 3D (ALL BB)

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    Default Sexy Dice 3D (ALL BB)

    Sexy Dice 3D (ALL BB)

    its little old game but so many peoples requested it here so i posted it

    Sexy Dice is a 3D dice game for the bedroom, parties, and even a great pickup tool! Including 3 (Now Four!) high resolution 3D rendered dice sets including the PG dice set with wording suitable for teenagers and perhaps non sexually active users but works just as well in the bedroom. The rated R dice set steps it up a notch for adults looking to spice up their love life and add some excitement while getting to use the Blackberry in the bedroom! By enabling adult mode, you get access to this rated R dice set free of charge! Also included free of charge is a regular standard old dice set for every day use wherever a set of dice can come in handy. Board games, craps, gambling with friends, etc. Now if you pull out monopoly to play with friends and if your mising a die as always, just grab your Storm and enjoy!

    The storm version of the application leverages the Storm's accelerometer and allows you to shake and maneuver the dice in real time! Several different modes allow you to either shake while holding the screen, click the screen to start shaking, click the screen to roll and a third timed mode which allows you to click the screen, shake and then automatically have the roll ended after a few seconds. At the end of the roll you hear a realistic sound effect if you have sound enabled and then a zoom in of your roll to see your results.

    Best yet, while testing this app everyone i work with that has an iphone was asking where they could get this app, they weren't happy to find out that there are no sexy dice for the iphone! That's right, finally an app the iphone does not have. Apple thinks Sexy Dice are too risque for their tastes, leaving iphone users to use grade school romance games.

    Remember, the regular dice set means this application is useful for all users, even those who don't want Sexy Dice/Romance Dice. Its useful to just show people what the Storm (and now all BB's) can do. Its a GREAT demonstration application for when someone asks what the Storm can do!

    All future updates to the application are free. Additional dice sets may be offered in packs in the future.

    Update! The new dice set is here! Now the application includes the new positions dice set which includes one positions die with stick figures and a location die with various spots around the house. This update is free of charge for all existing users and all new customers.

    Now Sexy Dice Works with the Curve, 8900, 8800, Bold, and all upcoming 480x360 devices! And now Pearl and Pearl Flip!

    NOTE: The key is based off your pin, please make sure you enter your device's PIN, which can be found by going to options and then status.

    3D Rendered High Resolution Beautiful Dice Sets
    Including 4 sets for the price of 1!
    1) PG Sexy Dice
    2) Normal Standard 6 Sided Dice Set (Everyday Dice Set)
    3) Rated R Sexy Dice (When adult mode is enabled)
    4) New Positions / Location Dice Set, Rated-R, with stick figures for the positions! This will be the free bonus offer described above!

    Amazing accelerometer action allows real time shaking and movement of the dice. Dice actually roll as you move the phone around 3 axis, increasing speed as you move. You can even see all sides of the die as they roll, bouncing off each other and the walls.
    3 Different Shake/Play Modes
    Option to enable/disable sound effects.
    Large dice fill the screen at the end of a roll to zoom in on your result.

    Minimum Requirements:
    for BB Storm
    BB Storm OS 4.7
    for Non-Touchscreen Phones (OS 4.5 and up)
    BB Curve, 8900, 88xx, 83xx, Bold, 9630

    NOW Pearl and Pearl Flip!

    Also supports all upcoming blackberry's with 480x360 (or 480x320) screens

    for BB Storm
    Display Dimensions
    Operating System
    4.7 Touch Screen

    for Non-Touchscreen Phones (OS 4.5 and up)
    Display Dimensions
    240x260, 240x320, 320x240, 480x320, 480x360
    Operating System
    4.5, 4.6

    The Game is crackable, for info visit this thread
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