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Thread: SMSflash v2.02 EN by c.P.u1

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    Default SMSflash v2.02 EN by c.P.u1

    SMSflash v2.02 EN by c.P.u1

    Author: 6120man.
    English translation:c.P.u1

    The program, designed to indicate unread sms blink flash.
    The program is very easy to use, and is useful at night, when installed in silent mode.

    Changed interface, now from lyugogo item you can get to the other;
    Changed the type of work program, now works not the program itself, as a separate process, after setting up the program can be closed;
    This separate process eats 0.9-1.5 mb RAM;
    Now in the settings item was added to check the flashing flashes;
    You can adjust the interval flashing flashes;
    Added boot screen.

    Compatibility: Symbian OS 9.2-9.3 (?) -9.4 (?) With LED flash. On the phone with the xenon flash is not guaranteed.

    When using this program all the responsibility for the performance flash smartphone falls entirely on you! Neither the author nor the team site is not responsible!
    To work needed Python and ExtraPowerModulePack.

    Tested and working successfully on: Nokia 5700, Nokia 6120c, Nokia 6290, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Nokia N86 8MP,e71

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