It is impossible to estimate at exactly what phase in development on earth that man first thought of protecting his feet from the natural hazards of weather/climate and the rough ground that they walked on. Shoes are very interesting to analyze because they have a long history. It is obvious that shoes were made for the shielding of feet but aside from their actual purpose, shoes can help to tell the story of the person who wore them. Shoes can help tell the economic and social status, values, and styles of the owner. By looking at a pair of shoes one can see that they reflect the personality of the wearer. The shape in which the shoe is in can help tell how the wearer stands and walks (it gives us a strong indication of personality) (Colin Dowell). Shoes also show character by showing how the individual reacts to fashion. In addition, one can tell whether the wearer of the shoes and the shoes themselves are in style by looking at the quality of the materials that the shoes are made from. Furthermore, by looking at the monetary value, brand name of the shoes, and the condition of the shoes (whether they are old or new) can help tell about the owners' fashion styles.

These Greenbelt shoes tell their own story as they have traveled between four to six decades. By looking at the shoes, viewers can create their own ideas of what shoes like these meant to the owner. By looking at shoes like these, the viewers may become more interested regarding their personal value, price, and how they differ from other shoes between 1937- 1945.If you want to know more about it,click out Secured URL pls. Keep on reading and you'll find out some of the answers to these questions.