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Thread: Mio Moov V505 TV unlock MENU

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    Mio Moov unlock Menü für Mio v505 TV

    Have now completed the unlock menu! The menu, which also unlock the device accesses, not a Mio in the software, so that still used the MioSoft in full and with the included software (Desktop2) can be ubgedatet.

    Instructions and unlock-Menu in the download!

    The path to the respective Navigations.exe can be individually set in the Desktop.ini.

    The Desktop.ini found under \ My Flash Disk \ Program files \ Explorer \


    It is to increase the already good battery life, until the menu no more active.
    Accordingly, therefore, no USB in the background! To the Mio V505 to connect to the PC again, you have to simply connect only the USB cable to the PC and then click on the button USB + Mio.

    From the million-Soft you can reach back by clicking the TV button in the Unklock menu. There is then a TV button to launch TV can.

    On the menu are all EXEN already been optimized and dlls for the various games for a faster start / use!


    PW: thanks

    update: 23.04.2010
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