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Thread: Nokia N86 8MP V30.009 Hacked by COOKED FIRMWARE

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    New Nokia N86 8MP V30.009 Hacked by COOKED FIRMWARE

    N86 V 30.009 is officially Hacked & TEsted BY KIRA_GHOST working 100% , with Cooked firmware throught NokiaEditor_Beta7 & Rompatcher 2.3 + JAF 1.98.62

    Get Ready To Hack Nokia N86 8MP V30.009 ! NO NEED FOR CER+KEY With ROOMPATCHER++ PRE-INSTALLED

    1 - Download NokiaEditor_Beta7& NaviFirm

    From The Attachment

    1-2 Open NaviFrim and choose your RM version , select software version which is V30.009 , now choose your variant, depend on what languages you want your phone to support ,choose all , then click on Download from fire, choose an empty folder for these files !

    1-3 Open NokiaEditor_Beta7 , Choose "OPEN" , Now go for the Location you have choosen to save your firmware from navifirm ! and choose "RM-484_30.009_022_prd.language" , now Click on "Extract" !
    go to your Nokia Editor beta 7 file you will find new folder named as "rofs2" , now you will be able to add any files there , Don't Close NokiaEditor_Beta7 yet !

    2- Download Rompacherfiles+auto_patchr from attachments
    From The Attachment

    2-2 Extract the Rompacherfiles+auto_patch,open Rompatcher for rofs2 Dir , copy all files , private,resource,sys to "***nokiaeditor_beta7\rofs2" Dir ,it will asks you that the file already there choose yes for all files !

    3 - Now Back to NokiaEditor_Beta7 software and choose Repack !

    it will be save on NokiaEditor_Beta7 directory on this name

    4- Download JAF.1.98.62 with PKEY Emulator v5

    Secured URL

    4-2 - extract the file , install JAFSetup_1.98.62.exe ! now copy jaf_nok4models.ini to JAF directory , it will ask to replace choose "yes"

    4-3( Vista/7) now From the Downloaded File ,users only !right click on "OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v 5" , choose compatibility , choose "windowXP"

    4-4 , Right click on "OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v 5" , choose run as admistrator , Click on Go , some error will appear , it's normal , click ok

    4-5 Create this directory "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX"
    XXX= your RM version like this "Products\RM-484"

    Copy All the Original Fimware files from your location on NaviFrim to

    "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XX" XX"= your RM version !!

    4-6 go to NokiaEditor Beta 7 folder , Remove "REB-" from

    Now Copy this file you have renamed to "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX" it will ask's you to Replace Choose "YES"

    5- now Connect your phone to your pc with your Usb cable and choose Pc suite mode , go to Jaf window , choose "BB5" on the tap , check on the following things ,Dead USB, Factory Set,Use INI , it will Detect your firmware that you but on phonext directory , you must uncheck CRT308

    You will see the 4 lights are green !


    MAKE SURE YOUR CABLE Isn't Connected To your PHone !

    POWER OFF your PHone ,

    CLick on "Flash button"

    Now Connect the cable into your Phone it will get on by it self , you must connect your phone quickly with your cable !

    wait while your Phone Being HACKED !! !

    5-2 Download Patches file
    From The Attachment ,
    then copy patches file into C:\Patches , or E:\patches

    Now your Phone Is Hacked With RomPatcher++ Preinstalled,but the auto option doesn't work !

    Here How To Fix IT :

    1- Download X-plore V.1.43-Crack For Hacked System.rar From the Attachments , Extract , Enable Installserver+ on your phone

    2 - Install X-plore V.1.43 S60v3+v5 , Then Install X-plore V.1.43-Crack For Hacked System

    3 - Open X-plore on your phone , choose Configruation , check all boxes

    4 - Now From The Extracted files from the first attachment , Open

    Rompatcher++ auto patch Folder , copy domainsrv.exe to your Phone ,

    Now From X-plore copy domainsrv.exe To your C:\sys\bin


    Some People may Want To use Phonex since it's Easier !


    Follow the Steps :

    1 - Download AND INSTALL PHONEX

    Secured URL

    1-2 Download & Extract

    FOR RM-484


    FOR RM-485

    Secured URL

    2- Follow the steps "1 , 1-2" from jaf toutorial

    3 - Follow the 4-5 step from Jaf toutorial

    3-2 copy the the file you download from "step1" to"C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XX" XX" XXX= your RM version !!, choose "yes" to replace the file"

    4 - plug the caple into your phone , choose "Pc Suite mode"

    4-2- open phonex ,from file tab ,choose "scan product", you will notice that phonex found your phone !.

    4-3 choose "Falsing" tab from phonex, choose "firmware update"

    4-4 , you will see the window, and it has been already detect your FW files
    in RM file we create !! if it not , if it not chose the button with "..." and you will found your Fw on the list choose it

    5- click on button "Refurbish", Warning window will apprear choose "Yes"

    5-2 - wait Your phone till it been Hacked !

    6 -Downlaod And Extract Patches From the Attachment
    From The Extracted File Copy "patches" Folder to your phone into "C:\Patches" or "E:\Patches"

    7- From Your Phone Open Roompacher++ check on , InstallServer+,Open4all !

    NOW YOUR PHONE IS HACKED WITH ROOMPTCHER++ PreInstalled ! AutoPatch Working !


    If Your RM Version IS NOT "484" OR "485" Upload your UDA FILE , I WILL COOK IT FOR YOU !

    Any further questions you can Ask here !

    Special thanks to PNHT Team , Rompatcher++ Team,CHANDARAKK
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