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Thread: PIPS Installer 1.7, Standard C / C ++, Open C LIBSSL Common (OS 9.3/9.4 only)

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    New PIPS Installer 1.7, Standard C / C ++, Open C LIBSSL Common (OS 9.3/9.4 only)

    1. PIPS Installer v.1.7
    2. Standard C++ library Common 1.7
    3. Open C LIBSSL Common for S60 3.2 and 5.0

    Nokia have just announced Open C which is based on Symbian PIPS and this could be a big thing.

    Without PIPS and Open C, Symbian OS already has some support for POSIX in that it provides an implementation of the C Standard Library (STDLIB). I have previously ported large complex multi-threaded Linux code to Symbian using STDLIB and extra Symbian functions for memory handling, threading and sockets. According to the PIPS press release, functions will now be packaged up into industry standard libraries - libc, libm, libpthread and libdl and tightly integrated with Symbian OS to optimise performance and memory usage. Hence, PIPS is can be thought of as an improved STDLIB. And These will effectively required to port a large number of existing Linux applications.
    So what does PIPS add? According to the press release…
      "… it is now realistic and desirable to migrate desktop and server code onto mobile devices, opening up exciting possibilities and attracting differently skilled developers to the Symbian ecosystem."
    The interesting bit for me is that PIPS will also allow developers to create new non-UI code (engine) code without having to think about Symbian idioms.Symbian Partners and Licensees (eg Nokia and Sony Ericsson) will also be able to take advantage of PIPS. If they started developing new modules this way (or even re-engineer old ones) they could re-use these within existing or future Linux (or even other OS) based platforms.

    Open C is a set of C libraries designed to ease and encourage porting open-source applications from the desktop to the Nokia S60 mobile phone platform (it also accommodates writing cross-platform software). Open C helps developers of mobile apps in two ways:

    1. Because Open C libraries are built on POSIX and other open-source projects, portable code on top of Open C is easier to write. This helps developers design and implement large application bases that need to run on several operating systems.
    2. Open C opens the door for C/C++ programmers who don't have Symbian experience, but who need to develop applications for mobile devices.

    Pigeons original submissions Summary:

    1. Open C / C ++ system and the PIPS system components is the main purpose of the program will be ported to other platforms, Symbian phone.
    2. Currently we commonly use Open C / C ++ system and the PIPS system components are mainly used in games and multimedia.
    3. Now we know the use of Open C / C ++ system and system components of the Symbian PIPS program mainly for the following phone number:
    a. Nokia's own N-Gage gaming platform and games. N-Gage platform for games have some code or the game itself is ported from other platforms coming.
    b. Run-made player, the player has a number of other platforms operating code ported code.
    c. PC-DOS platform entirely from the transplant of DOS games, the famous are:
    Ⅰ. Enthusiast transplant program from abroad Quake, DOOM and Duke Nukem series of first-person shooter series. LCG companies, including well-known method of transplantation through this a number of DOS games, but based on legal considerations are not available.
    Ⅱ. From the domestic procedures lovers transplant Paladin, Jin Yong's Heroes and other role-playing game.
    d. From the PC, transplant Dosbox emulator, the simulator can run through most DOS games even run directly on Windows 95, Windos 98 operating system.
    e. Other platform applications to Linux transplant procedure from the majority, although the procedure is less popular, but we can still site search keywords Symbian open source to find many such procedures.
    4. In our phone perfect to run the program or run the program, you must install the Open C / C ++ and the PIPS system components, as running Python programs and components to be installed as Python platform.

    Note: Install or update all to Phone memory (Recommended)

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    Standard_C++_library_Common.rar (112.6 KB)
    Open_C_LIBSSL_Common_for_S60_3.2_and_5.0.rar (425.9 KB)[/CODE]
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