Free DCT4 unlock for all who have SL20 module activated

Release note:

Free DCT4+ unlock for all users who have SL20 module activated
DCT4+ imei change price dropped from 5 to 2 credits per phone
SL20 module activation price dropped from 80 to 50 credits for users who does not have activated BB5+ module
SL20 module activation price for users who have BB5+ activated on MT box is 20 credits only
All changes are on server side, and does not require any changes on customer side

SL20 module activation grants you:

Free unlock for all SL20 supported phone
Free SD repair for all supported BB5 phones
Free unlock for all DCT4+ supported phones

How to use free DCT4+ unlock:

In MTB NK software in server tab enter login details:

User name: boxlogin
Password: boxlogin

Box must have SL20 module activated in order to use it.