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    Cool Chinese / Japanese Fonts

    After doing some research, I was able to show chinese / japanese fonts on the phone (support font too). I have make modification on Nokia Hindi S60 and Heisei Kaku Gothic S60.

    I have 4 fonts here:
    nohindisnr60.ttf (Heisei Kaku Gothic S60)
    nohindissb60.ttf (Nokia Hindi S60 SemiBold)
    nohinditsb60.ttf (Nokia Hindi S60 TitleSemiBold)
    S60ZDIGI.ttf (Series 60 ZDigi)

    If you prefer simplified kanji, it will costs you about 12 MB space. The attachment in the post #11 here named "Fonts Modified with SimCh":
    If you just prefer the basic kanji (about 9 MB after extracting), just continue reading.

    You may need to correct the fonts name before transfer to your memory card, what you need is make match to your Z:\resource\fonts (Europa and Asian firmware has different names). The font you'll downloaded here is for Europa firmware, Asian firmware requires modification on its name.


    Steps to get this ability if you have card reader:
    1. off your phone and remove your memory card
    from the phone, and connect to the card reader
    2. Copy all the fonts (4 items) to \resource\Fonts
    3. Insert your memory card to phone and turn on your phone
    4. Your phone now has added ability to view several fonts


    If you don't have card reader, you may do the
    following steps:
    1. Change your USB phone connectivity to Data Transfer
    (Settings >> Connectivity >> USB, USB Mode >> Data Transfer)
    1. Turn off your phone, remove your card reader from phone
    2. Turn on your phone
    3. Insert your card reader (do not run any program)
    4. Plug the data cable (you should able to connect this time)
    5. After connected, you can transfer the 4 to
    6. Disconnect the cable and restart the phone
    7. Done, ability added.
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