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Thread: Tutorial -How to edit & add symbols for Fonts easily.


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    Star Tutorial -How to edit & add symbols for Fonts easily.

    Hi all, Now i'll guide you how to edit Fonts tobe used on mobile & add the symbols/logos in Fonts by FontCreator
    Have many ways to do this, but i'll bring an easiest way. I didn't use this way to edit font , Because I have to edit so many characters for many people (many languages such as Vietnamese me, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, ect ….) could use it . Of course this'll take many time.

    Now, Download FontCreator 5.6 Pro. with Code register included in Attachment files

    Edit: I've finished some of Video tutorials. It'll be easier for u all. Hope it helps

    #1. How to modify Font to be used on mobile.

    #2. How to add IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) & Chinese language into Font.

    A. Edit fonts to be used on mobile :

    - Open 2 fonts : Nohindisnr60.ttf from ur phone & font which u want to edit. I selected Symbian font as image below :

    - Copy characters from Symbian font & Paste to Nohindisnr60 correlatively:

    - Do with first 98 characters only :

    - Save as this font.
    So, It can use on ur mobile

    B. Add the symbols/logos.

    - Open any fonts which added the logos , You can find in
    this Thread .
    - Select & Copy the logos u want to add , here I selected 70 logos .

    - Open font u want to add.
    + Click on final character -> Insert -> Glyph. A box will appear , Type number of character which copied.

    + Then, Click first character, Edit -> Paste Special . Type in box - > Ok :

    Finally, save as .

    That’s all.
    Besides, You could refer on Youtube. I learned so much from there

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