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Thread: N97 MINI CFW by IoEsisto

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    New N97 MINI CFW by IoEsisto

    This firmware is only for N97 MINI

    This is a Firmware Amateur, Tested for 2 days on my cell phone and did not give me no problem, but anyone who decides to Flashing your mobile phone and do so at their own risk, I do not assume any liability for any malfunction terminal or from a Flash operation that is successful

    Start Version

    RM555 - V.11.0.045 RM555 - V.11.0.045
    * Eliminate all widgets (scaricateveli and install them on mass storage)
    * Faster music player reads only the music files present in the sounds / digital /
    * Eliminate all the applications AutoStart
    * Eliminate the Qik application, JoikuSpot, Boingo
    * Improving the quality of the photos
    * Tone 3 to 4 camera modified
    * Effects - Remember to activate them (modified by me)
    * Italian Language - English Language
    * Cache moved from C to E
    * Added a favorite of the Default Browser
    * Submitted Fonts MonotypeCorsiva
    * FountRouter installato in Z * FountRouter installed in Z
    * Free RAM 60MB al primo avvio * Free 60MB RAM at first boot
    * New Animation Start
    * RP + Built-in Z also in Italian:
    * No longer sends the message to MyNokia

    IoEsisto Firmware Version 2

    * Added the path where to put startup, GIF and startup_tone.mp3 in C:
    * Added menu circle
    * Added splahscreen
    * Added shotdown
    * Greatly improved kinetic scrolling
    * Removed all programs except those critical background
    * New arrangement of folders and new folders
    * Added the ability to make the restart of the cell while a long press the power button (no need to patch)
    * Removed a widget now
    * Enter the Fonts folder in C: so that we can put any font (remember to restart the phone)
    * Autostart patches of RP +
    * Faster Gallery
    * Caching in all three units
    * Impact sliding very fast without slowing down the phone
    * Eliminate the clock in the Background
    * Integrate Adobe Flash Player 3.1
    * Created a new effect
    * Created and Privacy IoEsisto path where the gallery and the music player does not read anything (so you can put your things) to be created manually
    * Free RAM 65 MB

    Firmware IoEsisto Terza Versione Firmware IoEsisto Third Edition

    * Fixed various Bugs reported so far

    * Improved the effect
    * Created directly by phone directories Privacy, and Startup IoEsisto directly in E:
    * Moved the location of the boot files to E:
    * Integrated Italian language in the reader's Messages
    * Integrated Italian language in the dictionary
    * Excluding the images of surfers from the gallery
    * Custom Font in C: \ Resource \ Fonts Then just a hardreset to cancel and return to the default
    * Integrate the Beautiful Thema Created by Babi for N97-Mini
    * Integrated menu PhotoBrower in Photos
    * Integrated menu YouTube in Video and TV

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