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Thread: Unlocking BlackBerry with MFI Multiloader

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    Lightbulb Unlocking BlackBerry with MFI Multiloader

    I want to share my experience with unlocking BB 8120, which was locked to Orange UK. It worked for me, and it should work for other models. I did serious research and this is procedure that came up:

    1. Install Blackberry Desktop Manager. I recomend latest version ~version: 5.0.1 B49; size: 258MB
    (download link: Secured URL ).

    2. Next one is NET Framework. Install it. ~version: 2.0; size: 22.4MB.
    ( download link: Secured URL )

    3. Download and install latest OS for your device ~size: 90+MB.
    ( BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites: Secured URL )
    ~choose network on which phone is locked

    ~3.a Delete vendor.xml from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Apploader

    4. Download and install MFI Multiloader ~version:; size: 718MB
    ( download link~torrent: Secured URL )

    ~4.a MFI Multiloader short setup tutorial: In downloaded archive notice all8files.rar ( 8 parts ), and MMLSetup. Extract them and run MMLSetup.msi. Extracted files from all8files.rar put in folder MML, and after finished installation overwrite installed MML folder with extracted. ( path~C:\MML )

    5. Disconnect from Internet before starting procedure!

    -Now you can start with unlocking. Open MFI Multiloader, and connect your device. Application will automaticly start process.

    -You can see reading, writing etc...Just wait until MFI shows you PASS.

    -On your phone screen will be shown "1". Disconnect it, and type START

    -After finishing this operation phone can show you message like "error 507" or "no application linked"...don't worry, it's "normal".

    -Your phone is unlocked now, but you'll need to reinstall OS and set it up.

    [CODE]~ Short reinstall/install procedure tutorial:

    1. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager
    2. Connect device
    3. Select "Application Loader"
    4. Select "Add/Remove Applications"
    5. Choose applications and extras, and click Next
    6. Wait until DM finish operation.[/CODE]

    [CODE]~ Troubleshooting( I had this problems, if you get others post it and i'll try to help )

    1. Device could not connect on MFI Multiloader.
    ~ Copy BbDevMgr.exe from the C:\MML\bin\, and overwrite same one in the location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\USB Drivers\

    2. MFI Multiloader shows FAIL.
    ~ You can get this message if your MFI Multiloader version is older. Download newest, and just repeat process.[/CODE]

    [CODE]~Mass Storage Fix
    After everything, I successfully adjusted device, but I had problem with Mass Storage detection ( sometimes phone cannot connect on PC as Mass Storage ).
    Use fix.; run mass storage activator.bat ( see atachment )[/CODE]

    I hope this helps
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