Hello Everybody This Is the Changelog for the v40.0.005for Nokia 5800 As Stated By Many Users And Some of Ma Opinion on Using It For Almost A day After Version 30.0.011

First Some Basic ImProvement

1.KINETIC SCROLING ,yes u heard it right ..we were wating for this since we all got the fone and when the little brother 5530 got that ..YES there are still minor defects -- as u dnt have it in the menu and application folder.

2.QWERTY Keyboard Automatically Rotates on the text input screens.

3.OVI contacts has been added as normal pakage ...

4.Aap.Update has been changed to Software update with new interface ..

5.The application “Data transfer”so implemented in “Settings”

6.Updated Latest Real player version ..

7.Improved Stability of system

8.Improved Responsive Touch ... though i have a issue with the options and back button wherever available in ui ...the lower half is irresponsive as when u click that by stylus or nails it woont work if touched at the corners and half down ...but if thumb is used it works perfectly fine ..Itz Jst maybe ... They wanted it to b like the iphones finger touch ... but thatz jst ma opinion.

9.The new Homescreen As applied to the X6 and 5530 ... BUT still some diffrences are available dere such as the music widget on homescren is not transparent but solid ...Unlike 5530

10.Some new WiFi profiles has been added but that works for the Europeans only ..

11.The download! has been replaced by the OVI Store


though u can alwaz put applications signing them

13.Last but not the least What i liked was the new improved SOUND volume in the music player .. it fullfill ma desire ..

Overall we all wanted a nice update and somehow this update fullfills all dreams of the 1st touch s60 5th edition Owners ...So well done nokia and ALL YOU PPL UPDATE AND ENJOY!!

SOme of the Videos...

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