Christmas Conspiracy

Many things can happen on the New Year s Eve!
Even Santa waking up in one frosty morning can find out that all his right-hand men elves had turned into ornaments for a Christmas tree and now kids around the world are in danger of getting no presents.

In order to not let this happen he needs a serious help because he has great plenty of toys and in order to find among them the hidden elves he ll have to up-end them from top to bottom.

So get ready New Year knocks in your windows, Christmas tree shines with lights, and your mobile phone literally bursts with plenty of toys. Huge piles of lollypops, cookies and candies some of which are something completely different from what they seem to be at first sight.
Find elves, save New Year and experience huge excitement from this relaxing New Year s puzzle!
Happy New Year!

Game features:
- Bright and remarkable new-year game that creates wonderful holiday spirit;
- Vivid graphics and nice music perfectly completes winter evenings;
- Simple and well-known game process that requires no training;
- Easy-to-use and user-friendly controls;
- Game is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish.

Supplied by Dedomil