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Thread: TTPod v3.63 S60v2 Translated ENG {1/1/2010}

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    Default TTPod v3.63 S60v2 Translated ENG {1/1/2010}

    TTPod v3.63 S60v2 Translated ENG

    Description Source :

    By the user demand-driven mobile phone player, and we put your ideas into the basic functions of which:

    1. Supports multiple audio format playback

    2. Can easily create an administrative list of three.

    3. A rich and flexible playback mode

    4. Support background micro-Play Mode

    5. support equalizer and audio to enhance practical function:

    1. sleep mode, and accompanied by singing to sleep

    2. Bluetooth to send, good music, to share a

    3. wire operation, convenient pocket songs

    4. song repetition, learn simple and easy

    5. if they had screen display, not the same experience features:

    1. the professional editing the properties of two. colorful skin resources

    2. brilliant eye-catching visual effects

    3. automatically download and display lyrics

    4. Pictures every day sounds automatically download and display music box is a set of mobile playback, sound, search, download and many other functions in a completely free cell phone music player.
    Note :
    Already there is nothing problem in TTPod_v3.63 .rSC that was translated by manhtu & i attached here.

    But anyway previous famous TTPod translater (legend) N0k!4N also translated this new version of TTPod's .rSC file.

    So i packed that .rSC file as a sis file to less extract,copy,move,replace work through X-plore.

    So if anyone wish to install N0k!4N's .rSC then read below,

    First time installers just install this below file first,


    2. Then install this TTPod_v3.63_rSC_by_N0k! file.

    Already installed users just need to install this only file,

    * TTPod_v3.63_rSC_by_N0k! file.

    Enjoy !!!
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