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Thread: New firmware available for Nokia N82, N95, N95 8GB and N96

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    Default New firmware available for Nokia N82, N95, N95 8GB and N96

    Firmware Update: N95 v35.0.02 N95 8GB 35.0.01 Nokia N82 v35.0.002 Nokia N96 v30.101

    The Nokia N95, the Nokia N82 as well as the Nokia N95 8GB, all received a new firmware and have been updated to version 35 along with Nokia N96 which is updated to v30.101. Unfortunately, we cannot report any changes at the moment but we try our best to get a change log as soon as possible. Unlike all current Nokias the N95 and the N95 8GB do not feature UDP so that you need to backup all your data before updating the device. The N82 and N96 however, comes with UDP so that a back up isn’t needed. In order to update your phone, use the Nokia Software Updater. Here the exact name of each firmware is:

    Nokia N95 v35.0.02
    Nokia N95 8GB 35.0.01
    Nokia N96 v30.101
    Nokia N82 v35.0.002

    N82/N95/N95 8GB latest firmware version 35.x are Hackable!!!
    N96 latest firmware version v30.101 is still unconfirmed.

    Sticked for 1 week

    Saw lot of users who ask if the new firmware can be hacked or not.
    now you have the answer!

    Many users may not be able to see the new firmware update for N96, to get this ... you need to change your product code to 0543716 or 0543721 - (Thnx to ugur35 for this info)

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