Here are some games that will work on the5130XM
most JAR format will work, but not all
some of these are ment to be for s60V3(tranformers G1/assassinscreed1) but they work fine on the 5130XM, the 5130XP uses s40v5 so not all JAR games will work, but the ones i post here i have tested and if they only work with no sound or only in certain modes i will include it in the post, as i find more games that work on this phone i will post on here because i have found it hard to find games for this phone. here is the list of games in the zip file
all games are in 240x320 res

age of empires
asphalt3 3D
assassins creed 1 & 2
baldurs gate
bejeweled twist
brain challenge
brothers in arms art of war
HOW sandstorm
project gotham racing
splinter cell double agent
star wars the empire stikes back
star wars jedi mind tricks
star wars force unleashed
star wars imperial ace(works smooth with no sound so make sure u turn it off!
star wars battle for the republic
cafe sudoku
tower bloxx deluxe(crash in build a city mode)
transformers G1 awakenings
zombie infection
3d brick breaker

download link(ziddu)