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Thread: Garmin XT 5 SEp1 crashes

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    Default Garmin XT 5 SEp1 crashes

    hi everyone...

    Ive installed garmin 50020, applied a crack...everything works fine.
    Installed SCG 2.0 map (ulocked) and again everything works great.
    Then I installed Adria route 2.2 (unlocked), and its working fine until
    I go under tools/browse_map and start zooming and enlarging, and at some
    point I get the message "dump file created..." and device locks up until
    I restart.
    This doesnt happen every time but it is frustrating.
    I havent used it yet with a reciver (looking which one to buy).
    Garmin looks great, maps too.
    Anybody has a clue?
    Ive googled it and find that garmin software is prone to crashing occasionally.
    Can I fix this...???

    this is the exact message:
    -application closed

    -application MPM main_O
    -reason code USER
    -reason number 175

    ...when I press continue device locks up...

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