iGO8 SpeedCams for FULL EU and DACH from the 29th of October 2009
Requirements: iGO v.8.x.x , tested on PDA and PNA too
Overview: These brand new updated IGO speedcam database files (as 29-10-2009) are once with mobile speedcams and once without it. The databases contain the full EU and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

More Info:

Download Instructions:
Delete all files in iGO8\content\speedcam, then copy the .txt file you've chosen in there. You'll have to wait some minutes (depending on the GPS device) for the first starting of igo after the copy. No worries on time's length, it'll start for sure

Secured URL - EU
Secured URL - DACH with mobile speedcams
Secured URL - DACH without mobile speedcams

no password required!
enjoy 8)