2012 Apocalypse

Supplied by negrohernan

Save civilization by controlling four terrifying forces of nature - windstorm, earthquake, firestorm, and hurricane - each with different destructive abilities. While following the 2012 story, navigate the forces through a maze of city streets trying to avoid destruction wherever possible. Collect lore items and keep control over an unwieldy, strengthening storm without causing damage to buildings. In the alternative Rampage game mode, travel through cities without restriction, causing as much damage as possible in an anything goes free-for-all.

* Simple to play, difficult to master
* Challenging game play: Guide forces away from easily destroyable buildings
* Change forces within a level with switch pickups
* Earn boosts with success and special pickups
* Destruction effects like debris and fires add to the fun
* Randomly generated levels allow for endless replay
* Bonus Rampage mode lets players embrace their guilty pleasure and destroy buildings on purpose

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