Master of Crazy Eights

supplied by serviak

There are countless card games, but only few are worthwhile. Welcome to the new “Masters of…” series, brought to you by Vivid Games. One of the first games in the cycle is Masters of Makao. It is polish version of Crazy Eights family well known in whole Europe. Almost every country has its own Crazy Eights variation. Check out Masters of Mau-Mau (Germany) and Masters of Crazy Eights as well. They are basically very similar, but we took care to deliver every one of them with unique rules and many customizable settings. Enjoy your favorite game and learn how to defeat other players in real life.

Game features:

- Extensive tutorial and interactive help system
- Customizable sets of cards, decks, backgrounds
- Achievement system for experts
- Adjustable difficulty level, smart A.I.
- Advanced shuffling and dealing mechanisms
- Rich diversity of game variants
- Interesting Scenario Mode
- Open Card Game