Anrufen Online v23.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

In the game, players can bring up their own familiars and order them to fight. Named Anrufen, the game also implies that the birth of this product is to answer the earnest summons of the massive market, with an expectation to become a milestone of mobile games. While wandering around in Acadia on Saint Dragon Continent, you will be drawn into the game quickly by the impressive storyline

Real-time multiplayer battles really bring shocking experience. Instant motion, slick and flashy combat, gorgeous visuals are presented to players immediately. Popular elements of PC online games, including team fighting and PK, can be found exactly in this Mobile online game. .
Vastly improved visuals are presented in Anrufen Online. Definitely, Symbian devices, with high performance hardware, provide an excellent platform to show high-resolution graphics of realistic style and proportions. With all scenes and characters rendered by 3D, the game will draw you into a fantastic, charged universe of summoning.
Undoubtedly, Anrufen Online goes much further than a game itself - it is also a large-scale online community. Players can make new friends, chat in privacy, recruit playmates, modify avatars, and decorate personal spaces. Mobile users will love the feature of offline message, which players not in game can receive in-game messages via SMS.

With different access modes including GPRS, WIFI, etc., Anrufen Online enables a real-time MMORPG on the mobile devices in a true sense. No matter 3G networks, or current GPRS networks, both can fulfill the access of the game, extending the coverage and enabling more users to enjoy the fun of Anrufen Online.


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