BlackBeard's Treasure

supplied by Goga1964

Black Beard's treasure stayed unknown after he was beat in combat November 22, 1718--he never had told any other about his treasure. Whoever finds the treasure not only means he will be the richest man in the world but also the No. 1 pirate in the world. Our hero, Heidel, dreams to be the strongest pirate when he meets the little dragon, Daniel, who wants to find 10 firedrake ballsand become the strongest dragon. Their adventure starts...


1. Based on the story about the well-known pirate Black Beard.
2. Unique double-identity role game designPirate and Dragon.
3. Juicy dialogues and story.
4. Special AI and bosses design, colorful graphics and battle effects.
5. More than 10 monsters and tens of props.
6. Humanized game instruction and easy game control.
7. 3 modes, over 50 levels, 10-40 hours'play time.
8. Touching music is designed matching with different scenes.