10 Awesome Computer Desks

These 10 Desks make your cheap IKEA set-up look like its from the dark ages.

1. V1 Desk ű Flagship Edition

For $2,600 the flagship edition gets you integrated 5.1 sound and 10 different places to put your mug of coffee.

2. Mini Desk

At $4,400 this desk costs about the same as the original mini.

3. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

You can almost imagine Vader perched behind that desk struggling to solve a Rubix cube.

4. B25 Wing Desk

Get your work done on a slice of WW2 aviation history.

5. Fish in your Desk

6. Exercise Desk

Overweight from eating too many Cheetos whilst surfing the net? Now you can burn off those extra calories and still watch YouTube with this treadmill-desk contraption.

7. Plane Desk

Hide from your boss in this upturned Douglas DC-6 cowling.

8. The Quad-Core, 1-kW, Liquid-Cooled Desk

9. Aura Ubber Desk

This is the Rolls Royce of all desks.

It even comes with interrelated air circulation so your room won't stink after your 48 hour WoW session.

10. Steve Jobs Style Desk

If you love Steve Jobs ű you need to own this desk.