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Mobile phone MSN, you can enjoy the free Live services, not only to provide real-time chat services, but also provides you with hotmail, Spaces, a series of exciting information portal of Internet services.
The latest version of MSN mobile phones will feature full PC synchronization, support for local search, sync your life anytime, anywhere!

  • Personality portrait
    Mobile phones can also play personality, comprehensive sync PC messenger personalized portrait, but also through the mobile phone camera set to a custom portrait at any time that you show the style

  • File Transfer
    Support the mobile phone to send all types of documents, a comprehensive mobile resource sharing. Optimize the transmission of photographs, sound recording feature allows you to send and Friends of the communication more interesting and exciting to share the moment.

  • Friends packet + Search
    PC messenger full synchronization capabilities, support for grouping, as well as friends to find friends, the Internet and cell phone experience a seamless integration of new communication has become so easy and effective

  • MSN mobile portal
    E-mail, space, information, Bookstore, games ... ... Online live one-click, one-stop service to enjoy the convenience and wonderful person to be a fashion wave you

  • MClub
    Messenger of entertainment-based interactive communication platform, a series of interactive games to help you get acquainted with friends, easy entertainment, sharing happiness!

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