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Thread: N-Gage Installer v.1.40.1557 Repacked =Bodyz=

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    New N-Gage Installer v.1.40.1557 Repacked =Bodyz=


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    1) Installs on all smart for 9.h;
    2) Added configuration files for all the smart screen 240h320, nothing anyone does not have to manually put simply install and play;
    3) anti-trial patch built-in: patch, which deletes trial logo on games, is built in app, so you don't see trial logo and you still can install new games (when you install N-gage Patch & UnPatch in other build, you can't install new games until you delete TrialPatch).
    4) removed other languages, leaving only the English and Russian, and therefore weighs less;
    5) Built-in pips components 1.01: for working cr*cked Pro Series Golf. Install pips 1.4 if you don't need PSG.
    6) is packed with the choice of where to put - on a map or in memory of the pipe, but for it would have to certify the installation of each component;
    7) Install only on hacked phone with installserver'om, signature did not give because of the complexity of the package.

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