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Thread: Hand Reading Pro UIQ3 v1.1

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    Default Hand Reading Pro UIQ3 v1.1

    Month ago accidentally I found Astrology & Horoscop for UIQ3 by CrasySoft. It seems they were very active in UIQ3 programing some times ago. This one is also made by CrazySoft and also represent nice, amusing peace of software.

    It is fun!!! Analyze you Palm / Fingers and discover everything about you & your inner thoughts.
    How to read palms the different lines and their meanings, hand shapes, fingers shapes, health
    carreer & love in your palms.

    These tests are image based, simple and entertaining. The program consists of:
    PALM LINES: Heart line. Head line. Life line. Saturn line. Apollo line. Mercury line.
    FINGERS: General. Thumb. Jupiter. Saturn. Apollo. Mercury.
    EXTRAS: Gifts and marks. Hand shapes. Compability.

    Program has same protection as Astrology & Horoscop (different folder only, now it is C:\private\a0002E4F\).
    This time I removed folder from installer so you don't have to delete anything yourself. Just install and enjoy. It will never expire, but program restrictions will remain...
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