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Thread: All Offscreen Technologies Applications

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    Offscr Logo Copyright © Offscreen Technologies 2009

    I have Been looking for all the Offscreen Technologies applications but they are all scattered around this site.
    This thread is related ONLY to Offscreen Technologies applications.
    Hopefully this will reduce the amount of requests regarding OffScr Tech. applications, and they can find this thread when they search for them

    Thread by DarkMasta

    Please include all future Releases HERE

    OffScreen Technologies Website : Secured URL
    OffScreen Technologies OVI PAGE : Secured URL

    Thread by DarkMasta

    I will add the links available here, MODS if you would like you can merge their posts into this one to create a tidier thread.

    Mirror Touch 1.0

    Strobe Touch 1.0

    Bright Light Touch 1.0

    Coin Tosser Touch v1.0

    Calc Touch 1.0

    Level Touch 1.0

    thread by darkmasta

    Rotary Dialer Touch 1.0

    SMS Tag 1.0

    Watch v1.10

    Timer Light Touch v1.10

    Blackboard v1.10

    Thread by DarkMasta

    Flashlight v1.10

    Almanac v.1.10

    Fifteen Touch v1.10

    Solo Noble 1.10

    Bubbles Touch v1.0
    -Cannot find - Please post link if you know it -

    Solitaire v1.0 - Thanks to yumraaj for link

    Thread by DarkMasta
    Thanks to Alborz for these additions :

    World Clock Touch v1.0

    Converter Touch v1.0

    Thread by DarkMasta

    Compass Touch v1.0

    Tic-Tac-Toe Touch v1.0

    Spin The Bottle Touch v1.0
    Secured URL

    Connect4 Touch v1.0

    Labyrinth Lite v1.0

    thread by darkmasta

    Counter Touch v1.0

    Seismograph Touch v1.0

    Pocket Shaker Lite v1.0

    Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet v1.0 (eBook)

    Elements Touch v1.0

    thread by darkmasta

    Clicker Touch v1.0

    Speed Tester Touch v1.0

    Speedometer Touch v1.0

    Candle Touch v1.0

    Memo Touch v1.0

    Night Stand Touch v1.0

    Banner Touch v1.0

    thread by darkmasta

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn v1.0 (eBook)

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz v1.0 (eBook)

    Sushis Touch v1.0

    Pendulum Touch v1.0

    Today Touch v1.0

    Thread by DarkMasta


    If anyone have more applications from the same company, please post them here ...
    If anyone know the links to the applications with unknown links, please post them here ...

    This thread will be constantly updated to provide all apps related to OffScreen Technologies.

    I hope this post helped many people that wanted applications from OffScreen Technologies
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