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Thread: Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player SP

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    New Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player SP


    i have a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone,

    here is the Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player
    and a SWF game packed for mobile Adobe Mobile Packager and the CAB sdk.

    Based on the Adobe® Flash® Platform, Adobe Flash Lite® 3 is a highly optimized implementation of the Flash runtime for mobile phones, consumer electronic devices, and Internet-connected digital home devices. Flash Lite enables OEMs and service providers to differentiate their devices via customized applications and user interfaces, a more complete web experience, and the ability to access video and rich content across devices. Flash Lite for the digital home enables the delivery of high-definition content and rich applications to Internet-connected TVs and TV-connected consumer electronic devices in the digital living room. Additionally, Flash Lite 3 allows developers to quickly create engaging applications, accelerate time to market, and increase customer adoption. With the new distributable player solution from Adobe, developers can directly distribute rich mobile applications with the latest Flash Lite player to millions of smartphones

    Flash Lite Adobe Labs Downloads site: Secured URL

    Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player. Flash Lite 3.1 includes the same features as Flash Lite 3.0, such as support for Flash Player compatible video, with some additional enhancements including improved security model for SWF file access. The solution delivers a standalone player for applications, without affecting the Flash Lite browser plug-in or pre-installed standalone player, if present.

    Adobe Mobile Packager. The Adobe Mobile Packager is a desktop tool to wrap a SWF application with a player version checker, an icon, and metadata into an installable file for user-friendly discovery on S60 and Windows Mobile devices. The resulting output file is recognizable by S60 (.SIS) and Windows Mobile (.CAB) operating systems, acting essentially like .ZIP or .AIR files

    Get : Attachment 508268

    and i have packed a swf game:
    Puzze Bobble flash version, orginal arcade game by Taito

    Attachment 508269

    The solution delivers a standalone player for applications, use the Adobe Mobile Packager to pack SWF files

    get Secured URL

    Grettings from MEXICO.

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