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    Default captureit 1.0

    A really neat new app from TechMogul Industries is Capture It 1.0, used for grabbing a screenshot of your BlackBerry screen from the device itself.

    Most all screencap applications were desktop based and required a USB connection to the device itself. Capture It 1.0 removes those chains and frees the user up to make a quit screencap from the device. More after the jump.

    From the developer, “CaptureIt is a simple utility that allows people to capture a screen shots straight from their Blackberry devices. The image will either be saved to a memory card, or if none is available it will be saved to the device memory. CaptureIt is available today as a free download for all Blackberry users. Simply assign CaptureIt to one of the Blackberry convince keys and press to capture. Stay turned for other exciting releases from TechMogul Industries.”

    To use: Works on devices 4.3 and higher. Assign CaptureIt to one of the convenience keys. Then from any screen, press the convenience key and the capture will be saved. If there is a memory card, it will be saved to that. If there is no memory card it will be saved to the device memory. If errors are encountered, make sure ALL permissions on the application are allowed under permissions.

    The biggest drawback I see is the need to dedicate a side convenience key to the application. It has been suggested that using a hot key combo such as “ALT + X” to activate the application would be more desirable, and the developer has stated he will be updating the application. Nevertheless, it is a nice addition to BlackBerry software.
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