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Thread: Epocware Handy Phoneguard v1.0.89 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned Cracked-OPDA

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    Star Epocware Handy Phoneguard v1.0.89 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned Cracked-OPDA

    Epocware.Handy.Phoneguard.v1.0.89.S60v5.SymbianOS9 .4.Unsigned.Cracked-OPDA

    Handy Phoneguard is an efficient smartphone protection application. Safeguard your phone, any data and access to applications just keeping one password in mind. Use invisible SMS commands to lock a device and wipe private information in case your phone was lost or stolen.

    Handy Phoneguard features:
    • Autolock on Power On or at a given period of time
    • Password protection for your private info (Calendar, Contacts, Log, Messages, Photos, Videos, Files, Settings)
    • Optional protection for the chosen applications
    • Autolock at receiving LOCK SMS from any other phone. In locked mode Handy Phoneguard hides all apps with screen wide window and blocks access to your phone.
    • Removal of all essential information (Contacts, Messages, ToDoNotes, Log entries, Documents, Pictures, Videos) at receiving WIPE SMS.
    • Sending alert messages to predefined phone when a new Sim card is inserted.

    Fixed bugs:
    • Auto lock delay can be 00:00
    • Handy Phoneguard doesn't block ProfiMail_S60, SmartMovie_S60
    • Blocker did not display owner info correctly
    • Other minor bug fixes

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