I can read your mind... the award-winning web phenomenon 20Q comes to mobile! Think of a word and 20Q will know it - you have to see it to believe it! Bonus features include a special anagram game with over 8 000 word puzzles, a multiplayer game + three secret bonus features!

Based on the web phenomenon with over 50 million games played
- Unlimited replay value
- Multiple bonus features
- An anagram game with over 8000 unique puzzles in seven languages
- Guess It!, a party word game for 2-4 players
- 3 hidden bonus features to unlock
- Statistics tracking

Supplied by Etty

W610 by Yunoehoo - http://www.mobinuke.com/showthread.p...0q+Mind+Reader

K800 by Митяй - http://www.mobinuke.com/showthread.p...0q+Mind+Reader