TouchFlo2D interface on BenQ e72 (Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone)

Install everything in device memory:

1. Install BenQ E72
2. Install BenQ E72 Unlock
3. Install
4. Install TouchFlo 2D All-QW
5. Install
6. Install Diamond Clock (if you would like the "diamond" style clock instead of the analog one)
7. Restart the BenQ E73 device after programs installation and Copy this file HH_0409_WeatherCities.xml & HTCAlbum.exe.0409.mui then Paste in Windows folder directory. Doing restart or reboot after everything installation has completely!!! After some seconds since the boot the interface TouchFLO autoruns automatic.
8. Customize with Theme files & Extra files for TouchFLO Manilla 2D
9. Enjoy it!

25Mb Free Memory (128 ROM) after the procedure remain 7Mb ca.
64Mb RAM
QVGA Portrait Display

Required 15MB of free memory

-possible incompatibility of the lenguages
a-HTC Album is in chines, fix it copying the .mui file
b-comm manager in cinese (to fix install a "htc comm" then uninstall it, this could get you to the default one)
c-to fix the weather panel copy the 0409 xml file for cities
-black bar under the screen
-errors in the link of the sofkeys
-pushing HOME key you get the Default Homescreen, but touchflo autoreload itself after some times
-you cannot digit numbers on homescreen, to digit press green key or enter the telephone module (default phone points o cprog.exe instead of cdial.exe)
-GoogleMaps is missing
-cursor is missing
a-errors in the tipebar of location panel
b-you cannot push some buttons i.e. Video, new message etc.
-you cannot click on the clock/alarm panel
-internet panel points to opera
-youtube link points to CorePlayer
-HTC Audio Booster is missing
-errors on settings panel
a-sounds is missing
b-wallpaper set the default homescreen wallpaper not the touchflow wallpaper
c-all settings link is missing
d-menu Bluetooth devices end wireless network is missing
-you can only select programs in launcher panel if they are linked in /Windows/Start Menu and subdirectories

-install M2DC to customize and fix
-to get the red theme copy the Manilla2d folder to your device in /Windows, overwrite everything
-to modify system screens copy the file in the extra files folder

-i am NOT RESPONSABLE if you brick or damage your device
-i have reported the procedure i used on my smartphone, it isn't absolutly perfect and could doesn't work on others
-prepare yourself to several hardresets if you like to try this touchflo
-touchflo2d IS NOT PORPUSED for smartphone
-the bugs list (as you see) is very very long
-excuse me for my english

Use M2DC to
-select personal image (home rec section) it coul cover the bottom black bar
-reassign the softkeys on home panel
-reassign the link to the browser
-select number of program incons in launcher panel

-ShadowMike (install file, install procedure)
-IOICN.COM.CN crew (install file)
-twolf (Themes)
-bombzhome (Red Theme)
-mpenguin1 (M2DC)
-all the people from,,
-my brother (test)
-my smartphone
-znial and someone in xda-developers for translation
-every god around here & the last one, thanks to Rizal aka Brewhoxs in New's Ponsel as xda-developers Media Partner in Indonesia and publisher at every forum & sites.

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It works too for Samsung SGH i600 & probably for the other Windows Mobile Smartphone too! Please give us feedback!


rizal (the Mobile Advance User)
Wassalam mu'alaikum wr wb!