Successfully installed N-gage 2.0 On E63, E71(working most of the games)

With the n-gage 1.20 (1249), we can fully install the game n-gage on E63 or E71 in the new FW

Requirements: computer has hackphone

Link download the software n-gage here: N-Gage Fixes V1.20(1459) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked-huozu.sisx

install software n-gage to mobile memory

Download "Patch" and put file 10202be9 in C:/private/10202be9

To remove the text next to each trial game, download "playcommon", copy the file overwrite. Mbm to C: / resource / app

Note: Remember to Disable rompatcher

Game test success:

+ Bounce.n-gage

+ Brothers_In_Arms-BiNPDA.n-gage

+ Crash Nitro Kart.n-gage

+ Resident Evil.n-gage

+ Space.Impact.Kappa.Base.n-gage

+ System.Rush.Evolution.n-gage

+ Tetris.n-gage (not screen

+ World.Series.of.Poker.n-gage

+ Reset_Generation.n-gage


Game does not install:

+ Asphalt.3.n-gage

+ One.n-gage