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Thread: [GLU] Superman & Batman Heroes United (SE vers. EN/SP/PT) retail Jsavi

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    Talking [GLU] Superman & Batman Heroes United (SE vers. EN/SP/PT) retail Jsavi

    Superman & Batman Heroes United

    Supplied by Jsavi

    The villainous Darkseid, with help from Metallo, has devised a plan to attack and conquer Earth and so both superheroes have come together to stop those plans. Through Metropolis, Gotham City, and Apokolips, players must do battle in this comic-inspired storyline.

    In this preview version, both Superman and Batman are selectable to play in separate levels based on their respective cities. With his power to fly, Superman cruises around Metropolis dispatching minions using his brute strength, heat vision and super breath. As for Batman, he’s got access to batarangs, explosive capsules and his bat grapple.

    K790: Secured URL
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    Z520: Secured URL

    Others versions already posted...
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