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Thread: Tango! Icon Themes S60v3

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    Default Tango! Icon Themes S60v3

    - Developed based on Tango! Theme S60v3 by Secured URL.
    - All icon on SVG format.
    - Complete Context Menu icon for Nokia E63 1st party apps ( and perhaps a few other types of S60v3 phones )
    - A few Clearlooks style widgets
    - A few icon customization for some 3rd party applications

    To-Do :
    - Completing list icons costumization
    - Completing Clearlooks widget

    Notes :
    - License : Secured URL
    - Contains portion from :

    - Tangerine! Secured URL
    - Open Audit, by Secured URL .
    - Tango Blue Materia, by Secured URL
    - Tango Harm on Icons, by Secured URL
    - Tango Extras, by Secured URL

    - Please give your feedbacks for further development.
    - Want to participate ? Download the Carbide.UI project file and start developing. Make sure you use Carbide.UI theme edition v3.4 to work with the project.
    - Want to show this theme on your website,blog, or forum post ? Please keep the download URL intact so I can monitor the download counts.

    Secured URL
    Secured URL
    Secured URL

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