Update multi-hex-rsc editor for 9 os.
In this version:
The function of import from a text file:

Open rsc file, click kl.5 (the program finds all strings), click kl.2 (the program writes strings to a text file)
click kl.6 (see all the strings and the checkbox next to each line, a change which can be adjusted, which will
translated and imported, and what does not), click the menu, choose to translate, and if you have an Internet connection,
program through the Google service, all marked with strings translate. Now pressing menu and select Import,
program creates a new rsc file is already translated strings . First, i advise beginners to translate something simpler.
WARNING! Attentively viewing off STRING in the text, and remove the checkbox from system
links, lines, and so suspicious If you like, translate and import the path to the icon,
of course the program not be well work.

The program have online translator, working with Google(automatic detection of language translations,language to translate, what to set in options).
In the main menu of mini translator (line up to 80 characters) and a translator for text files (select the file and it will be translated into googl)
Thus, the same interpreter is directly in the editing window (where you can enter a long text)

Now you can enter the strings of non-stop (activate in options 'fast input')

Added support plugins. Write self the algorithms (who knows python), edit and search for strings. This is quickly process,
only two functions, but maintained almost the full functionality of the core applications, including exports and imports in the text back.
For example writing plug-ins, i added three of their JAVA_class, Exe_tool, Ucweb_homepage,
for editing classes, respectively, JAVA, exe and dll files (as well as the plug can search any two-bytes Unicode files.,but only Russian and English.) and UcWebHomepage.
Plugins throws in the c: / system / apps / Mobilhex / Plugins and activate when you use the menu program.
The program involved the entire keyboard., Layout, hot keys on the front page at startup. P.S.

need python and modulpak