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Thread: BiteSMS v3.2 Cracked HunterX.CNPDA

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    New BiteSMS v3.2 Cracked HunterX.CNPDA

    Tried the below methods and it worked for me.
    New added Screenshot of my iPhone with BiteSMS 3.2 cracked.

    1. Remove any installed BiteSMS and install latest BiteSMS 3.2 via Cydia

    2. Place biteSMS3.2.Cracked.deb on your phone in /private/var/mobile if ur using terminal or /private/var/root if your using putty/winscp

    3. In terminal/putty type dpkg -i biteSMS3.2.Cracked.deb

    4. Respring and enjoy

    Download biteSMS3.2.Cracked.deb below
    Secured URL
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